Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is without a doubt is essential to a human to stay healthy. 

The Benefits of Vitamin D are Something to Behold.

Seeing as how vitamin is difficult to get from diet, cannot be produced within the body, and is most readily available from direct sunlight, it's easy to see how most Americans are at high risk of being deficient in this essential vitamin and thus at risk for many diseases associated with this deficiency. Below is some of the benefits when you have enough vitamin D.

How Vitamin D can support your immune health.

Immune Health

Vitamin D has a great ability to support the immune system. It helps to produce cells that help the immune cells. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a number of illnesses. Make sure you're not like so many Americans that do not get enough Vitamin D

How Vitamin D can support your bone health.

Bone Health

Bone Health is one of the main benefits of vitamin D as it is required to absorb calcium and turn it into something that can actually help your bones. Without vitamin D turning calcium into a useable form, the calcium cannot do anything for the bones despite being present. 

How Vitamin D can support anti-inflammatory responses.


Inflammation is a naturally occurring reaction from your bodies immune system to foreign or domestic threats. However there are times when the immune system accidentally attacks healthy cells when inflammation is no longer necessary. Vitamin D helps to reduce chronic inflammation.

People Don't Get Enough

In todays day & age people are spending a crazy amount of time indoors or in shade for crazy amounts of time. Even the time we do spend outside it might be with sunscreen, which blocks vitamin D absorption from the sun. Over 40% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, don't be one.

Amazing Health Benefits

Vitamin D has the ability to provide some crazy health benefits. It's a vital component in maintaining healthy bones. This is because they are required for the body to turn calcium into a form that can be used in the bones. It also regulates certain cellular functions in the body.

Vitamin D From The Sun

The primary source of vitamin D is from the sun. There's no wonder that ancient civilizations worshiped the sun for it's amazing benefits. To maximize vitamin D absorption, you should go outside and reveal as much skin as possible during mid-day hours without sunscreen. 

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is without a doubt a uniquely essential vitamin. Being the only vitamin that comes from sunlight, the sunshine vitamin being culturally deficient is likely not a dietary issue, but a behavioral one.

In America most individuals have office jobs, or at the very least jobs that are spent mostly indoors. Whether it's inside a fast food place, or inside a corporate office sunlight is being deprived just the same. Even when we're in direct view of the sun we could be wearing long pants or long sleeve shirts, wearing sunscreen, or wearing multiple layers making it impossible for any sunlight to permeate into the skin and become useful. 

Because of these reasons, vitamin D is something that is very easy to lose track of. Make sure you don't become a vitamin D deficiency statistic and start either getting more direct sunlight (safely) or try supplementing with Vitamin D.

How to avoid Vitamin D Deficiency.
How to properly dose vitamin D.

Vitamin D Dosage

While the benefits are amazing, taking too much can actually do harm. Exercise modesty and refrain from taking more than 4000 UI a day of vitamin D to reduce the risk of adverse side effects from your supplementation. For pregnant or breastfeeding women vitamin d, while essential, can lead to complications when taken in excess. Make sure you talk to your healthcare provider before starting supplementation.